#2 Music in 2067 (Feb 16)


Describe popular music in the year 2067.

Due: Thursday, Feb 16th; 9:30 am
Format: Hard copy OR email (PDF)
Length: 2 pages +/-

Points:  100

You may wish to think about (but don’t necessarily limit yourself to) some or all of the following:

  • What artists and songs from today do you think will be considered to have had the greatest influences on the music of that period?
  • How will music be consumed?
  • Will there notable social or cultural elements to popular music?
  • What form, style, sound, etc. will rock and roll have taken?
  • What do you think YOU will listen to?
  • What do you think your kids and grandkids might listen to?
  • What will still be the most recognizable element of popular music? The most changed? What will surprise us the most?
  • What part of that which we now consider “classic” rock will survive, and what place will it hold?
  • Are there any trends, styles, performers who are hugely popular today who will be forgotten?
  • Are there artists who we dismiss today who nonetheless will have had a significant impact on the future of music.
  • Will today’s divisions between styles continue?

1.5 or 2 line spacing,
1” margins maximum
11 point font maximum