#5 The White Album (April 27)

 “The Stylistic Content of the “White Album”

Assignment:  Due: Thursday, April 27, 2017; 9:30 am
Length: varied
Value: 150 points

Download “White Album” — Disc One | Disc Two

  1. Listen to “The White Album” by the Beatles.
    (You may need to listen to certain songs more than once.)2000px-The_White_Album.svg
  2. Identify and define your own set of musical/artistic styles heard on this album.
  3. Place each song on the album into one of the categories you defined.
  4. Choose one song from each of your categories and discuss what causes you to place it as you did. You should include your analysis of the elements of music, rhythm, lyrics, and anything else that causes you to place the songs in their respective categories.

Successful completion of the assignment will include enough styles/categories to differentiate and distinguish what you hear but not so many that each song becomes a genre unto itself.