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Welcome to MUS 114 The History of Rock and Roll

This course talks about the development of rock n roll and similar popular genres from their origins sometime in the 1940s to about 1980. Aside from a detailed historical study and an ongoing investigation of the evolution of the elements of musical style, themes throughout the course will include analysis of the place rock music holds as a cultural phenomenon as well as discussion of the aesthetics of rock n roll and the resulting ongoing arguments for and against the inclusion of rock n roll in the realm of “serious music.”


You should feel free to bring a laptop for the purpose of taking notes, but please refrain from Instatwittertumblrbooking. I may say something useful, and you may want that information on, oh I don’t know…a test.

(Now, if you want to live tweet/blog our lectures, go for it, but I can’t imagine your followers would be all THAT interested in Big Mama Thornton and her influence on Janis Joplin, Cyndi Lauper, and Lady Gaga. @austincollege #rockhistory @caruso81)


_46463853_whoPlease be reminded that assignments will only be accepted ON-TIME (see the Syllabus). Late assignments turned in THE SAME DAY will be evaluated for half credit. If sent by email, the time stamp on the email header determines when the assignment was submitted.